Nut4Sports World Travels:

Over the years, during my time in the military and thru work, I have been fortunate to travel to a number of countries around the world.
I used this marker... on the map below to locate the places I have traveled.
Thanks to my friend Jimmy Wu.... I will try to set up links for the flags. Eventually you will be able to click on the flags and they will take you to the photos for that area....great suggestion Jimmy.....thanks
If you can't see the map below very well, you can open the PDF file which you can zoom by clicking Joe's World Travel Map
In a nutshell.... I have been to all 50 of the United States of America. I have travelled to Mexico, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Philipines, Hong Kong, Taiwan and England. I have also been to little known places such as the Johnston Atoll while traveling to places that I can't tell you about.
Here is one of me in London, England....

Other England Trip Photos

Photos: left - City of London Seal; right - Wonderful Building Architecture
Photos: left - Big Ben; right - Eye of London
Photos: Tower Of London
Photos: left - Curvy Road; right - Pub on the Corner
Photos: London Police

Some Very Wonderful Friends In England

Joe, Pat and Don

Taiwan Trip Photos

Photos: left - Garmin QA friends; right - Joe at the night market
Photos: left - On the train with Rock, Amily and Ann; right - Trying Vietnamese Food
Photos: Outside the famous Din Tai Fung resturant
For my travels prior to 1987, photos will be posted on my NavyStuff page.....since my travels from 1983-87 were during the time I was in the US Navy.


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