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United States Submarine Veterans Inc.

I joined the USSVI after watching television and seeing a US veterans funeral in which that veteran did not receive military honors. It got me to thinking and I started my search for a veterans organization that I could fit in with and make a contribution. After months of searching, I finally decided to stay with my submarine brothers.
USSVI National Website

Topeka-Jefferson City Base USSVI

Topeka-Jefferson City USSVI Website
Topeka-Jefferson City USSVI Yahoo Group
Joe during Honor Team Training at the Liberty VFW Hall

My USSVI Photos

Photos: TJC Honor Team at ceremony in Jefferson City, Mo (2007)
Photos: TJC Honor Team at the bench dedication ceremony in Olathe, KS (2007)

USSVI-TJC Memorial Bench (Olathe Veterans Memorial Park)

Photos: Left - Bench in its location at the park; Right - TJC logo on the bench
Photos: Left - USSVI logo on the bench; Right - US Submarine Veterans of WWII logo on bench
Photos: Joe visiting the bench, what a great honor...


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