Twister Sisterz is the name we have given to our music group. We hope to continue to write songs, record and post them for others enjoy. We hope you like visiting our website. Stop by regularly as we will add more music as we continue to write and record. - TWISTER SISTERZ
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Twister Sisterz Songs, Music and Really Cool Stuff

We have recorded some some songs that we like. We recorded songs that we wrote and some that our dad wrote. We hope you like our songs. We will be adding more music and photos when we get time.
Song TitleWho is singingAudio Files
Ain't No Bugs On MeMeri Jo and KristinaAudio
Girls and Boys ChantMeri Jo and KristinaAudio
Hey Hey JesusKristinaAudio
Let It BeKristinaAudio
Miracle ManKristinaAudio
My Family TreeKristinaAudio
My Sweet HomeMeri JoAudio
Sing From The HeartKristinaAudio
SometimesMeri JoAudio
We Are One In The SpiritMeri Jo and KristinaAudio
We Are One In The SpiritKristinaAudio
We Are OppositesMeri Jo and KristinaAudio
We Are OppositesMeri Jo and KristinaAudio
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