Reason Thomas LaymanMargaret Ann William NallyCynthia ( ) Nally

Jacob Warren LaymanMalinda C. (Nally) Layman

Emma L. (Layman) Probus

f a m i l y
Children with:
Henry Simon Probus

Cassandra Jane "Cassie" Layman
Carrie J. Layman
Margaret A. Layman
James William Layman
Reason Jacob Layman
Mary M. Layman
Lina A. Layman
Belle Sarah Layman

Wavie 'Wavey' Thomas Probus
Annie Elizabeth (Probus) Shrader
Mary (Probus) (Cruchlow) Powell
James William Reason "Willie" Probus
Emma L. (Layman) Probus
  • Born: 12 May 1883
  • Married 19 June 1899, Grayson County, Ky, to Henry Simon Probus
  • Died: 7 Nov 1930, Jefferson Co., KY
  • Reference: See notes for Henry Simon Probus, and below:

    Died at age 47, Kentucky Death Records, Volume 055, Certificate 27442, Death Volume 1930

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