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Margaret Ann "Peggy" (Williams) Layman

Jacob Warren Layman
Stephen Porter Laymn
Reason Thomas Layman
  • Born: 8 Jan 1819, Grayson Co., KY
  • Married <1841>, , to Margaret Ann "Peggy" (Williams) Layman
  • Died: Feb 1892, Grayson Co., KY

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    Reason Thomas Layman son of Michael born Jan 8, 1819 in Grayson County and died 1892. Married Margarete Williams 1841 in Grayson County. Born May 1, 1821 died Aug 19, 1909. Had 11-13 children

    Hello. Joe,
    Your Reason Thomas Layman was one of fifteen children of Michael, s/o Joachim Layman (a fife major in the Revolutionary War), and Sarah Srorms, d/o John Storms and Hannah Collard. John also served in the Revolutionary War. Michael was born in Pennsylvania about 1780. He and Sarah were married 6 Feb 1805 in Kentucky. Michael was shown on the 1819 Grayson County tax list with 175 acres on Caney Creek.

    Jillson's "The Kentucky Land Grants" - (page 1434) shows Reason with 100 acres on Rock Creek that was surveyed on 26 Feb 1847. I have the following children listed with Reason Layman and Margaret A. Williams:
    1. James Hollis - b. ca 1842
    2. John Michael - b. ca 1843
    3. Jacob Warren - b. ca 1845
    4. Elizabeth Jane - n. ca 1847
    5. William Jefferson - b. ca 1849 - m. Cincinnati C Williams
    6. Thomas Ezra - b. ca 1851
    7. Lewis Shelton - b. caa 28 Feb 1854
    8. Stephen P. - b. 16 Jan 1856 - twin
    9. Ann Eliza - b. 16 Jan 1856 - twin
    10.Samuel Cleaver - b. 26 May 1858
    11. Mary Martha - b. ca 1860
    12. Bolivar Buckner - n. ca 1864
    I would appreciate any further information on these children and their spouses.
    Regards. VirJean Potter Bozarth

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    Here's a bit Reason Thomas LAYMAN
    覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧唯irth Date: 8 Jan 1819
    Birth Place: Grayson Co., Kentucky
    Death Date: Feb 1892
    Death Place: Hardin/Grayson Co., Kentucky
    Burial Place: Layman Graveyard, Rock Creek, Grayson Co., Kentucky
    Occupation: Farmer, Baptist Minister

    He settled above Leitchfield, between Clarkson and Millerstown, Grayson Co., Kentucky. Reason was a farmer and a Baptist Minister.

    He first appeared on the Grayson Co., tax list in 1840. He did not own any land until 1844 when he was taxed on 140 acres on Rock Creek. He settled between Clarkson and Millerstown.

    Between 1848 and 1857 he owned 240 acres. Then from 1858 on he owned 225 acres.

    Reason first appeared on the 1850 Grayson Co., Kentucky census records at age 30 with a real estate value of $300. At this time he had five children. He also appears on the 1870 Grayson Co., Kentucky census records. In 1870, he also appears on the Leitchfield Post Office delivery register.

    Reason and Margaret lived on a farm (bought in 1840) on Grindstone Road, which is off Downs School Road, off Millerstown Road about 8 miles east of Clarkson. They are buried in a family graveyard on this farm, called the Layman Graveyard by old-timers. This graveyard (4 to 6 graves) is east of Grindstone Road about 50 yards and a quarter mile south of the intersection of Grindstone and Downs School Roads. It is north of a barn owned by the Slusher Family (1994) and has a three-forked walnut tree growing from the center. The graveyard had only sandstone markers with no names on them, but even the markers are gone now.

    Margaret was blind a few years before she died.

    Also buried in the Layman Graveyard is the arm of one of Reason and Margaret's daughter-in-laws. The woman had cancer and her arm had to be amputated.

    Spouse: Margaret Ann (Peggy) WILLIAMS
    Birth Date: 1 May 1821
    Birth Place: Grayson Co., Kentucky
    Death Date: 19 Aug 1909
    Death Place: Grayson Co., Kentucky
    Burial Place: Layman Graveyard, Rock Creek, Grayson Co., Kentucky
    Spouse Father: James Hollis WILLIAMS (1797-1870)
    Spouse Mother: Sena METZEL (1791-1861)

    Spouse Notes from Larry Williams of Finlay, Ohio and excerps taken from Royce Williams collection, interviews with parents, friends and relatives:

    James Hollis Williams was born 2 Feb 1797 in Virginia. He appeared on the census for Grayson Co., Kentucky in 1850 and died on 3 Aug 1870. He was buried in the Williams Graveyard on Downs School Road, in Rock Creek, Kentucky. The earliest surviving record of James in Grayson County is a copy of a 21 April 1825 deed. He is 27 when he buys some land on Grindstone Fork in Rock Creek, Ky. He pays for it with 147 Commonwealth Papers (equal to $73.50 in gold or silver). This money may have come from an inheritance to Sena after her father died. Acreage was not listed, but he buys part of the George May survey from Jack Thomas, Joseph Allen, and Benjamin Hardin. In the George May land grant the boundary of 1789 is the first reference to Nosey Creek.

    There was a tannery on James Hollis farm, southeast of the cemetery. This was a business run by James and his brother, Jacob, or with his son, Jacob. They provided leather (for harnesses, shoes, etc.) for the community of Rock Creek. Pioneer shoes were made by traveling cobblers. They stayed with a family until everyone had shoes made, both shoes from the same pattern (no left or right shoe).

    James appears in the Grayson County census in 1850 (when he was 52) as owning $600 worth of real estate. That would mean he was born in 1798. His wife is listed in the 1850 census as Seva Hollis and she was listed as being 57 years of age. He maried Sena, Senny Metzel who born born in 1791/92. She died on 18 Feb 1861, in Grayson Co., Kentucky, and is buried in the Williams Graveyard also on Downs School Road.

    James Hollis Williams and Sena had the following children:

    Elizabeth Jane born 1 May 1820 d. 8 Dec 1859 in Grayson Co., Kentucky, buried Mt. Moriah Cemetery, married James Witten; had a son Barton born 29 Mar 1844, died 1862 - was killed during the Civil War

    Eliza born 14 Nov 1813, died 6 Oct 1885 in Grayson Co. and also buried in the Williams Graveyard. She was the second wife of James H. Williams and is buried in the Jacob Williams Cemetery in Rock Creek on the Russell Hackley Farm. There is a sandstone marked grave between Sena痴 and Eliza痴 graves. It is not know if this is a child of Sena痴 or Eliza痴.

    Jacob (Jake) born 30 Apr 1818 died 13 Aug 1873 and is buried on the Russell Hackley Farm married Celia Skaggs born 26 Feb 1818 and died 30 Oct 1898 and is buried next to her husband, child: Charles H born 24 Nov 1838 died 2 Sep 1931 and buried in the Little Flock Cemetery near Clarkson; Washington born 16 Apr 1840 and died 16 May 1914 and is buried in the Little Flock Cemetery near Clarkson; David born 7 Jan 1844 and died 8 Dec 1894 also buried in the Little Flock Cemetery; Isham born 28 Jun 1848 died 25 Dec 1914 buried in Mt. Moriah Cemetery in Grayson Co., Kentucky. He had two known wives 1st Rebecca E Salsman and 2nd Nancy Jane (Unknown); Margaret A (Peggy) married Reason Layman;

    Nancy is a twin to Mary (Polly) born 22 Nov 1823 died 14 Mar 1904 she married Owen Witten born 31 Aug 1822 died 14 Jan 1899 both buried in the Rock Creek Cemetery, child: Mary Sena born 17 Nov 1846 died 26 Jun 1929 buried in the Rock Creek Cemetery; son J. T. born 31 Mar 1848 died 21 Feb 1920 buried in the Horn Cemetery, east of Clarkson;

    Mary (Polly) born 22 Nov 1823 died 8 May 1898 married Martin Burren (Buggy Mart) Skaggs born 1 May 1817 died 10 Jun 1902 and both buried in the Jacob Williams Cemetery on the Russell Hackley farm in Rock Creek. (Martin痴 1st wife was Sibba Kincade born 17 Nov 1820 died 8 Aug 1855 buried in the Skaggs Field Cemetery on the old Stephen Porter Layman痴 farm now owned by Russell Clay Hackley.) He was called Buggy Mart because he was the only one who owned a buggy.

    John D. born 21 Aug 1828 and died 17 Jun 1903, married Martha E. Skaggs born 25 Jan 1840 died 30 Mar 1896 and both are buried in the Little Flock Cemetery in Rock Creek. Martha was the daughter of James L. Skaggs and Nancy J. Grayson; and

    Lewis Hollis born 4 Jul 1832 and died 10 Oct 1896 married Marietta Skaggs born 18 Mar 1842 died 25 Nov 1899 and both buried in the Little Flock Cemetery in Rock Creek. She was the daughter of Isham Skaggs and Rachel Downs.

    Spouse Notes:

    Margaret Williams is said to have been a direct descendent of Roger Williams, known in Colonial history as the founder of Rhode Island Colony.

    ** Information on the Williams side of the family was supplied by Royce A. Williams, 7308 Millerstown Rd., Clarkson, Kentucky 42726. (Oct. 19, 1994).

    Marriage Date: 1841
    Marriage Place: Grayson Co., Kentucky

    Children: James Hollis
    John Michael
    Jacob Warren
    Elizabeth Jane
    William Jefferson
    Thomas Ezra
    Lewis Shelton
    Stephen Porter (Twin)
    Anna Elizabeth (Annie) (Twin)
    Samuel Cleaver
    Mary Martha
    Boliver Buckner

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