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Joe (photo taken 1984)


Documents, Photos and Certificates

DEP Certificate 1981 Delayed Entry Program certificate
Boot Camp Photograph 1981 Boot Camp Photo, Mabalot's Pacers, CO 267, Great Lakes, IL
BE&E Certificate 1981 Basic Electricity and Electronics certificate, Naval Technical Training Command, Great Lakes, IL
RM A Certificate 1982 Radioman A School certificate, Service School Command, San Diego, CA
SETT Certificate 1982 Submarine Electronics Technical Training certificate, NSS, Naval Sub Base New London, Groton, CT
Subschool Photograph 1982 Submarine School Graduation Photograph, Naval Submarine School, Groton, CT
Subschool Certificate 1982 Basic Enlisted Submarine Course completion certificate, Naval Submarine School Graduation Photograph, Naval Submarine School, Groton, CT
RM C Certificate 1982 Submarine Communications Combined Maintenance certificate, NSS, Naval Sub Base New London, Groton, CT
Damage Control Certificate 1983 Submarine Damage Control certificate, Submarine Training Facility, San Diego, CA
SSN701 Citation 1983_1984 Citation, Commanding Officer, USS LaJolla SSN-701
RM2 Appointment1984 Appointment to Radioman Second Class certificate
SubQual Certificate 1984 Qualified in Submarines certificate, USS LaJolla (SSN701)
AN/WRR-7 Certificate 1984 AN/WRR-7 Combined Maintenance certificate, Naval Submarine Training Center, Pearl Harbor, HI
SSN701 Citation 1984-1985 Citation, Commanding Officer, USS LaJolla SSN-701
SSN701 Citation 1985-1986 Citation, Commanding Officer, USS LaJolla SSN-701
Letter of Appreciation 1985 Letter of Appreciation, Commanding Officer, USS LaJolla, SSN-701
CSS11 Citation 1986 Commander Submarine Squadron 11 Citation
RM1SS Frocking 1987 Certificate of Frocking to Radioman First Class (SS), Commanding Officer USS LaJolla SSN-701

USS LaJOLLA SSN-701 outboard USS McKEE in San Diego, California


USS LaJOLLA SSN-701 - Fortune Favors The Brave


USS LaJOLLA SSN-701 Covers


USS LaJOLLA SSN-701, Other Photos and Stuff

Photos: Left - USS LaJOLLA SSN-701; Right - USS Lajolla departing for WETPAC in 2004
Photos: Left - Commissioning Ceremony; Right - USS Lajolla on Tomohawk OPS in 1983
Photos: Left - USS LaJOLLA approaching the pier in San Diego, CA; Right - Sonarmen on duty 1983-1984 (John Olsen, Daryl Lewis, ?)
Photos:LaJolla (SSN-701) sliding into the water for the first time

My Photos 1983 - 1987

Photos above: USS Lajolla (SSN701) tied up alongside Ocean Tug (171) in the Hong Kong harbor...
Photos above: USS Lajolla (SSN701) returning to San Diego after 1984-1985 WESTPAC.
Photos above: Joe topside going into Chinhae Korea; the crew laying out lines before going into Chinhae.
Photos above: USO Santa visits us while on duty. Christmas Day 1984, Subic Bay, Philipines; Chief Jacobs, a true friend and mentor. Thanks
Photos above: Left - Murray.... enough said... ; right - COB and one of the ET's
Photo above: Captain Skip Beard and Mr. Gallagher (Weapons Officer)
Photo above: The Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor, HI. an awsome sight you will never forget.
Photos above: taken as we were going into Chinhae, Korea.
Photos: left - The Barrio; Right - One of the beaches we went to.
Photos: left - One of the local boats; Right - Grande Island.
Photos: left - Daryll Lewis driving a trike; Right - Joe Labermeyer in the market....
Photos: left - Dexter Anderson, Bob Hullenbaugh, Joe; Right - Rick Mason, ?, John Burke, ?
Photo: Mark Murault, Ray Richards, Joe
Photos: Hangin out and partying in the Barrio....Who wants to stay in Alongapo anyway....
Photos above: Various photos of Hong Kong from the ferry and ashore.
Photos above: Left - One of the piers in San Diega, CA; Right - A Marina in San Diego, CA
Photos above: Left - View from the Submarine Base looking South; Right - West side of Point Loma, CA
Photos above: Point Loma, CA Light House and lamp.
Photo above: Riding Horses out in Poway, CA....a good way to get away and relax...

A Few Patches from 1983-84-85-86

.. .

USS LAJOLLA (SSN-701) History and Specifications

La Jolla is one of three specially configured attack submarines equipped with the Special Operations-capable Dry Deck Shelter (DDS), which can allow special operations forces including Navy SEALs (Sea, Air, Land) to deploy undetected from deployed submarines.
Los Angeles Class Attack Submarine: Laid down, 16 October 1976, at the Electric Boat Division, of General Dynamics Corp., Groton, CT.; Launched, 11 August 1979; Commissioned, USS La Jolla (SSN-701), 24 October 1981; La Jolla is assigned to the US Pacific Fleet and is homeported at Pearl Harbor, HI.
Specifications: Displacement, Surfaced: 6,000 t., Submerged: 6.927 t.; Length 360'; Beam 33'; Draft 29'; Speed, Surfaced 25 kts, Submerged 30+ kts; Depth limit 950'; Complement 129; Armament, four 21" torpedo tubes aft of bow can also launch Harpoon and Tomahawk ASM/LAM missiles & MK-48 torpedoes; Combat Systems, AN/BPS-5 surface search radar, AN/BPS-15 A/16 navigation and fire control radar, TB-16D passive towed sonar arrays, TB-23 passive "thin line" towed array, AN/BQG-5D wide aperture flank array, AN/BQQ-5D/E low frequency spherical sonar array, AN/BQS-15 close range active sonar (for ice detection); MIDAS Mine and Ice Detection Avoidance System, SADS-TG active detection sonar, Type 2 attack periscope (port), Type 18 search periscope (starboard), AN/BSY-1 (primary computer); UYK-7; UYK-43; UYK-44, WLR-9 Acoustic Intercept Receiver, ESM; Propulsion System, S6G nuclear reactor one propeller at 35,000 shp.


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