Lake Olathe is 170 Acres on the West side of Olathe. There is a 208 acre park at the lake.

Park Rules and Regulations

NO Swimming allowed
Boating Hours: 6AM - 9PM
Boats - NO WAKES - 5 MPH max.
NO Beer or Liquor allowed
All Dogs must be on a leash
Vehicles must remain on the roadways. Keep of the grass
Park Hours: Sunrise to Midnight
If you have questions, Contact the City of Olathe at 913-971-6038

Other Resources

Lake Olathe page at the City of Olathe website
All State of Kansas fishing and boating regulations apply on this lake. Kansas Dept of Wildlife and Parks
Lake Olathe information on the KDWP website. click here: Lake Olathe at KDWP
Lake Olathe is one of the lakes on the Community Fisheries Assistance Program (CFAP). Want to know more about CFAP, click here : CFAP
Want to know the depths around the lake, click this link (requires a PDF reader) Lake Olathe Contour Map
Trying to Identify a fish you caught, or just want to prepare. Use this link: Fish ID Gallery at KDWP

Photos (2008)

Photos; Left - Looking North along the dam.; Right - The spillway just North of the dam.
Photos; Left - Water pipe outlet below the spillway.; Right - Water gushing from the pipe outlet.
Photos; Left - Beaver Shelter and Play Area.; Right - Wildlife Habitat area sign.
Photos; Left - Looking West towards the boat ramp area.; Right - The cliffs on the West side of the lake.
Photos; Left - One of the shelters on the East side of the lake.; Right - Small shelter near the boat ramp.
Photos; Left - Sign at the boat ramp.; Right - New boat only dock on the East side of the boat ramp. There is no fishing from this dock.

Dennis Avenue Bridge Demolition and Rebuild Process (2008)

I decided to try documenting the destruction of the old bridge on Dennis Avenue as a way to get out on the lake more often than I usually did. I was fortunate to have my wife take photos of the bridge before it was destroyed. I on the other hand did not get to the lake as often as I thought I might, and the old bridge came down really fast, so I only got a couple photos of actual destruction process.
I was a lot more active (weather permitting) getting to the lake to photograph the rebuilding process. I am glad that I was able to document the rebuild and I am even happier that the bridge is now open. It shortens my trip to the boat ramp considerably. I hope you enjoy the photos.
The photo above is the old Dennis Street bridge before demolition started in the Fall of 2007.
LEFT -The bridge almost completely torn down.; RIGHT - The bridge is down and you can see the water fall coming into Lake Olathe from Cedar Creek.
LEFT -Four pillars are completed and four are ready to be poured.; RIGHT - The center span is up on the pillars.
LEFT - The East side of the bridge flooring is done.; RIGHT - The bridge roadway is complete across
The photo above is the new Dennis Avenue bridge at Lake Olathe. The bridge was completed at the end of the summer.

History of the lake

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Lake Olathe pictures at JOCO History
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