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2011 Kidz Corner - Kaw Valley Relay for Life


The 2011 Kaw Valley Relay and Kidz Corner has come and gone with a real bang this year. As it turned out, just as Kidz Corner was ending an isolated storm opened up right over the field where the relay was being conducted. WOW... The rain was heavy...the hail was small (thank goodness) but the lightning was coming from the clouds to the ground around us... so, the Relay was called off due to the danger of the lightning. Lora worked quickly to get the Kidz Corner Raffles completed and the raffle item in the hands of their new owners so we did not have to bring them home. Overall Kidz Corner was still a big success and a really big thanks to the volunteers that came out and helped this year. We added two new games this year...Mini Golf and the Mini Prize Wheel. Make sure to take a look at the photos from this year by clicking on the link above.

2010 Kidz Corner - Kaw Valley Relay for Life


The 2010 Kaw Valley Relay and Kidz Corner came and went. Unfortunately we did not get a full group photo with everyone this year. So the photo above is from the students that volunteered. It was a really nice night, the weather cooperated well and it turned out to be a wonderful relay. Kidz Corner went very well too. We estimated that we served over 120 kids again this year. What a wonderful and satisfying feeling it is to see the smiles on the kids faces. For Lora it is also satisfying to know that a project she started 10 years ago is still ongoing and continuing to grow. Our volunteers this year did a great job and we thank all of them for their work.

2009 Kidz Corner - Kaw Valley Relay for Life


The 2009 Kidz Corner has come and gone. What a great day for Kidz Corner and the Relay For Life, the weather was good and cooperated all night long. Setup for Kidz Corner started about 12:30pm in the afternoon and was mostly completed by 3:00pm. This years crew made the unloading of materials, games and prizes easy and setup went quicker than expected. Again this year we are happy to say that Kidz Corner hosted over 120 kids and by the number of empty tubs that we hauled away, we beilieve the kids were able to find cool stuff to buy with their Kidz Corner Dollars. Loading up was a challenge, as we only had 12 minutes to get everything off the field before Luminaries were scheduled to start. Thanks to the Bonner Springs Fire Department group that helped us haul all of our gear out to the parking lot on short notice, which helped us to not be a distraction during the Luminary Ceremony...THANK YOU. We really appreciate the hard work put in by this years crew, Kidz Corner would not have happened without you, THANK YOU.

2009 Kidz Corner - Students from the Olathe Schools Helping Out

Picture back row: Jimmy Lucas (ON) , Brady Armstrong (ON), Tommy Lawlor (ON,) Kevin Manbeck (ONW), Nick McCabe (ONW), Katie Robinson (ON)
Middle row: Matt Ramirez (ON), Awista Kamwand (ON), Samantha Ankrum (OT), Meri Jo Robinson (OT), Kristina Robinson (OT), Laurel Sherman (OT)
Front Row- Hayley Weston (ON), Zach Pitts (Regency Place), Emily Pitts (Regency Place)
Not Pictured Justin Barron (ON)

2009 Kidz Corner - Contributors

Nitrogen Air Pressure Company., INC
City Of Bonner Springs Employees
Kaw Valley - Relay for Life Committee Members and Team Members
Parishoners of Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish - Shawnee
Bonner Springs Snip N Clip Employees
Mary Peterson
Kim and Dan Nemechek and family
Steve and Joyce Bowlin
Tom and Sandy Rockey
Karen, Brian and Kevin Dengel
Rosie Lingel
Florence Johnson
Jimmie Ann Robinson
Ron and Misti Peterson
Parishoners of Holy Angels Parish -Basehor
The Robinson Family and Friends
Thanks to everyone that contributed toys, donations for the garage sale, and words of encouragement. We would not have been able to bring Kidz Corner to the relay without your help.

Kidz Corner in the News

Here is an article on the Olathe area students that worked at Kidz Corner during the Relay for Life: Kansas City Star-Olathe Neighborhood News Article
If that link does not work, then you can download a PDF copy by clicking here: Olathe Daily News Article (2009)
Here is an article published in the Bonner Springs Chieftain newspaper with photos from the night of the relay. There is one photo of Kidz Corner at the Prize Wheel: Relay Night Article
Here is an article on Lora that was published in the Bonner Springs newspaper before the 2009 relay: The Chieftain
If that link does not work, then you can download a PDF copy by clicking here: Chieftain article (2009)

Kaw Valley and Relay For Life

Here is the link to the KAW VALLEY - Relay For Life: KAW VALLEY - Relay For Life
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Kidz Corner T-Shirts

Here is what the front of our shirts look like. Everyone working the games at Kidz Corner will have one, except for Grandma Mary and the Relay Volunteers that sometines help out. and let me tell you that we really appreciate all their help.


Kidz Corner History

.... Our new Mascot...

Kidz Corner was established in 2000. In 1999 Lora Robinson, a cancer suvivor who attended several Relay for Life events noted that there were a lot of kids at the Overland Park/Leawood Relay for Life which she attended. She began planning with her Camp Fire USA Discovery/Horizon clubs to put together a simple carnival for the kids attending the relay event. One of her most important goals was to make the Kidz Corner games and activities FREE of charge. She felt that families dealing with cancer had enough financial challenges, so she set out to make all activites free for the kids by searching for sponsors to cover the costs of all the prizes that would be offered.
After months of planning and effort to get sponsorship to purchase prizes, cover costs of supplies, the first Kidz Corner was held in 2000 at the Overland Park/Leawood Relay for Life. The Kidz Corner was a big hit. In 2001 the Kidz Corner returned to the Overland Park/Leawood Relay for Life with great success.
In 2002, Lora decided to move Kidz Corner to the newly created Kaw Valley Relay for Life held in Bonner Springs, Kansas. Lora grew up around Bonner Springs and wanted to give back to the community in which she grew up. In 2008, Kidz Corner celebrated its 6th year at the Kaw Valley Relay for Life with one of the best events to date. The number of kids attending Kidz Corner was our largest group yet. What a great time everyone had.

Lora Robinson's Story

Here is an article published in the Walk Talk about Lora and her story: Kaw Valley Relay for Life - 2006 Walk Talk

Kidz Corner - Games

Click on the picture for a full size image
Prize WalkPlunkoBean Bag Toss(lg)
prize walkplunkolg bean bag
Bean Bag Toss(sm)LimboTic Tac Toe
bean bag smalllimbotic tac toe
Duck PondPrize WalkRing Toss
duck pondprize walkring toss
Golf Ball TossMini Golf...
golf tossmini golf...


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