Joe's Road to Gettin' Healthy

What is this all about ? Well, to keep it somewhat short... February 15th, 2009 I got on the scales at home and came to a realization that I was out of control... The scales read an unbelievable 302 lbs... Oh my goodness, what happened ? Not my exact words, but close enough...
So, It was off to the YMCA to get started on a healthier lifestyle. The first day of working out was a little on the concerned side.... I knew it was going to hurt...if not right away, the next day was going to be bad. Questions came up, do I create a workout routine, go look on the internet and see if I could find one that fits my schedule? Too much thought process.... Yes, my mind was running crazy with questions on what I should do... Well it boiled down to a basic philosophy.... listen to your body... it will tell you when you are pushing to far.... so thats where I started... and after weeks of walking and running.... I found that a good interval workout (a mix or walking and running for an hour) provided the best results for my weight loss....
Then there was the question of diet... do I try an existing diet method or try something on my own? Well, I have always been a believer in the philosphy of: If I can't do it on my own.... I am not going to stick with it... So, the key elements of my eating habits were the main focus.... I was eating to much, eating all the wrong foods, and eating at all the wrong times.... so then the change: Eat 5 times a day... Breakfast (is a must, do not skip it), snack around 10:00am, Lunch around noon, snack around 3:00pm and then supper before 7:00pm.... As for the wrong foods.... I decided that for me, I needed to make a dramatic change first... so I reduced the serving size of all meals by at least 1/2 of my normal amount... cut out the red meats for the most part... reduced my cab intake.... increase my veggies and fruits by at least double... and get away from canned veggies (to much sodium and other junk)... and move to frozen veggies, since fresh veggies cost more...

Motivation and Goals

Through my struggles of getting started on this journey... my motivation to continue down this path has become stronger.... My Biggest goal is to GET HEALTHY and be around for a very long time..... Maybe even get off the medications I am on....At the beginning of June... I found that Lenexa was holding a 5K/10K Run on the morning of the 4th of July... so I signed up... and then there is the other big goal.... I want to look good in my tuxedo at Mindy's wedding.

October 25 2009 Run With The Birds 5K

As it turned out.... the temperature was around 50 degees... The Run With The Birds 5K was the target and focus for the day. After having surgery in August and not getting back into my workouts until early October... How would this run go...? Well, there were not as many runners as I thought would be there... but it was a lot of fun...once it was over....that is. This was the first year for the course we ran, and I have to say it was a good one...The sloping uphill and down hill sections of the course were challenging for me. On to the good information about this run.... I finished the 5K in 30 minutes and 58 seconds... that is 2 minutes and 36 seconds faster than my time for the Lenexa Freedom Run back in July. Above are a couple photos from the run.

October 10 2009 Jared Coones Pumpkin Run 5K

It was a cold morning ... no doubt... the temperature was around 36 degrees... so we dressed for the weather. Mindy, Bryan, Meri Jo and I went to the run with plans to walk instead of run. Part way into the walk, Meri Jo decided to run a little bit. Meri Jo and I ended up running several times for about 400 yards each time. And since we were dressed for the weather, it did not take long to start sweating a lot.... Meri Jo and I finished the 5K walk in 50 minutes 24 seconds, Mindy and Bryan finished a few minutes after us. It was good to get out and enjoy this run. and as we were told, there were over 3500 participants at this run. Above are a couple photos from the run.

September 2009 Update

Well, I had a big detour at the end of August and on into the beginning of September. My Gall Bladder decided to provide me with a great deal of pain and make it look like my pancreas was having problems. Thank goodness it was just a gall bladder problem. So after having surgery and taking several weeks to recover... I missed out on 4 weeks of workouts... Fortunately it was just a detour and not a major setback. Too bad I missed the Head For The Cure 5K on August 25th.

2009 Lenexa 5K Freedom Run

July 4th, 2009 - My first RUN - Wow, getting up at 4:20am, eating a light breakfast, going to the community center to complete the registration and pick up my race packet, then stretching before the run.... the anticipation, worrying about the sore leg (a whole other story).... and then running the race.... then the aftermath....how am I going to feel.... will I make the entire run.... a sigh of relief...
You can go to my photo pages HERE to see more photos of the run. Most were taken by my daughter Katie... The ones with the inset title 2009 Freedom Run came from the folks at seekcrun website.
And you can go to the SEEKCRUN website and look at a lot more photos of the run HERE and then select the Lenexa Freedom Run.
Here a a couple photos from the run:

Local Area Runs in Consideration

Jared Coones 5K Pumpkin Run - Olathe
Grass Kickin 5K - Olathe
4 mile Levee Run - Lawrence

Garmin BeFIT, Forerunner 50 and Forerunner 60

I was invited to join the BeFIT group at work on April 16th. BeFIT is a 12 week program put on by Natalie George and sponsored by Garmin to promote a healthy lifestyle through exercise and eating well. Natalie is a Fitness Product Manager, A Personal Trainer and Certified Nutritionist (hope I got all of that right), and a wonderful person. Although I was well into my own workout routine by this time....I thought it would be good for me, so I accepted the offer. To my joy, I was given a Forerunner 50, which was really cool. I began working out and using the Forerunner 50 to record my workouts and then uploading the data to the Connect.Garmin.Com website... Its a cool way to track your workouts, set goals, and share your data with others. In June, we were given the new Forerunner 60 to use as part of the program.... I really like the FR60 it has several advantages over the FR50. I will expand on this later.
Here is what my workouts look like when uploaded to the Connect.garmin.com website. The basic description is an 8/2 Interval +. At least thats how I describe it. Walk for 8 minutes then run for 2 minutes and repeat 5 more times, that gives you an hour workout. For the workout pictured, I forgot to start my FR60 when I first started walking, so it starts just before the first run....and then at the end, I kicked up the speed on the treadmill from 5.2 to 7.0 to get more of a sprint finish.... and then on the last run... I took it to 3 minutes.

Weight Loss History

As of September 21st, 2009: 58.5 lbs lost


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