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This is a photo of me out on one of my favorite spots. We have pulled some good sized catfish from here.


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July 11th, 2009

Went to Lake Olathe for some late night catfishing. Using the cast net we rounded up plenty of perch and shad for bait. The night air was just about perfuct, but the fish were not biting. Packed everything up around midnight.... maybe next time.

May 17th, 2009 at Hillsdale

Went fishing Sunday evening at Hillsdale in search of the big Crappie. Launched the boat from Marysville boat ramp and stayed in the cove for a while. The only fish caught in the cove were several small crappie. I talked to some of the folks on shore and it appeared that no one was having much like at that point. As it turned out non of my regular fishing buddies could make it out to join me, so I headed out of the cove. I made my way around the bend to the bridge and rip-rap around to the north from the boat ramp. There were several boats tied up to trees and some near the bank. I elected to tie up in the middle of a tree cluster not to far from shore. Fishing with minnows, I caught a few small crappie. Then...WHAM... I found the White Bass. Talk about a good fight for a small was even better since I was only using my ultra-light equipment. It turned out to be a pretty fair night of fishing. One of my buddies made it back in town and came out to join me. We stayed on the water until midnight and then headed back to the ramp...a slow trip in the dark, even with the spotlight...At night it sure seams that there are a lot more trees sticking out of the water. All in all, a good night of fishing.
Photo Above: Some of the fish that were caught at Hillsdale. The longest White Bass was 16 inches, the Crappie were 11 and 12 inches, the Catfish was 2lbs

April 17th, 2009

Went fishing Friday night with my daughter Kristina and Chuck Atwell from work. We went to Hillsdale Lake. It was Kristina's first time on Hillsdale. Chuck had been fishing for just a little while when we arrived... once on the water, Chuck was having all the luck, maybe its because he was in the front of the boat...but who knows... Chuck ended up catching 12-13 crappie, with 7 of them being keepers... since Chuck did not want to clean just a few fish....I took them home, cleaned them and put them in the freezer.
Photos Above: Left - Chuck fishing on the front of the boat; Right - A beautiful sunset on Hillsdale.

2009 Pre-Fishing Season Boat Check-Out (March, 2009)

Took the boat out to Lake Olathe to make sure all was well. Before getting to the lake, I found one of the fuel lines in the motor had a I had to replace it....found my pull rope was frayed right where is went into the housing.... Once I fixed all the little things I found broke....I headed to the lake... Once on the water, everything worked well..... I took the boat around the lake a couple times to work out the cob-webs...

2009 Fishing Season

Well, its now January 4th, 2009 and I have not goneout yet to get my fishing license. That could be depressing, but the weather has been changing like crazy.... 20 degrees one day and then 60 degrees the next. Not sure how that would effect the crappie right about now..... Oh Well, I will get out to Wal-Mart soon and get my license. The 2009 Regulations are out and a change was made to allow for FLOAT FISHING (Jug Fishing) on Hillsdale Lake, so I guess I will have to go try that at some point this year.
I will try to update this page as soon as I get back out on the water. Happy Fishing to All.... Joe


Well, as it turns out.... this was my night.... 3 fish were caught and 2 of them were mine. The first fish caught was Kevin's 8 lb 6 oz.... Then I hooked into a 11 lb 3 oz...... and shortly after that, around 11:40pm my rod tip headed for the water... I grabbed hold and knew that I had a big one.....and it turned out to be 13 lb 10oz...32inch long..what a nice fish....Now that I have made it over the ten pound barrier, we are trying to figure out the twenty pound barrier.... can't imagine yet how much fun that will be....
Photos Above: Left - ~33 lbs of catfish.... in order top to bottom...13 lb 10 oz....11 lb 3 oz....8 lb 6 oz; Right - Joe showing off the 13 lb 10 oz and the 11 lb 3 oz catfish....hurry up and take the picture, these are getting heavy and my fingers hurt.....
Photos Above: Left - Kevin with his 8 lb 6 oz; Right - 14 pounds of meat from the 3 fish...... just before we packed it with my food vacuum pack system.


Only one fish caught.... 6lb 12oz catfish... and this one Joe caught.... its about time...
Photos Above: Left - forgot to take a picture before dressing it... so I took them after; Right - joe showing some of the neighborhood kids


Hard an early start 6:30am.... going to troll for some of the wiper in Olathe Lake.... within 5 minues, I had my first wiper ever.... but it was only 11 inches long.... it was the only one of the day. After trolling for a couple hours more with no luck..... I decided to throw my cast net and see if we could get some bait for catfishing. This adventure paid off and we have a good amount of bait for tonight.... time will tell....
This is a WIPER caught by a little lady who just arrived at the lake as we were getting ready to leave. Now I really believe the big ones are there.... and I know what she was using in the way of jigs. Lucky catch I guess. 6lb 7oz

7/26/2008 - 7/27/2008 Catfishing:

Due to the rain and storms we got out to the lake about 9:30pm. Enduring a little rain, we set in for a good night of fishing. James, Brian and myself out on one of our favorite spots. Well, the fact I did not catch a fish did not mean it was not a good night of fishing..... Brian caught the first one... it weighed in at 10lbs 7oz.... James caught the second one.... it weighed in at 6lbs 2oz.... but it never made it to the stringer.... the fish flopped, James lost grip and the catfish bounced on the dock three times before going over the edge of the dock.... James....hold on tighter next time.... Then after 1:00am James hooked into a 9lb 11oz catfish. Now the real question is..... why did I not catch a fish.... It is just one of those things.... no answers today

Photos: Top - Brian holding the 10lb 7oz catfish he caught; Bottom - Brian's fish before being cut up.

Photos: Top - Brian learning to filet a fish; Bottom - 9lb 11oz catfish James caught.
Photos: Left - Joe working on the 9lb 11oz that James caught
Here is one of my fishing buddies and some of his catch.....
Here are my other fishing buddies..... They have really started to enjoy the fun of fishing.
Driving the boat while dad is trolling for Wiper and Saugeye.

Nut4Sports Fishing 2007:

Out on Cedar Lake...
Out on Cedar Lake...
Crappie from Lake Olathe...


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