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Malinda Jane (Birch)Douthitt

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Children with:
Evander McIver Douthitt

William Ambrose Douthitt
Drury Douthitt
Louisa Ann (Douthitt) Harris
Tennessee (Douthitt) Pool
Hardin Douthitt
Eviline (Douthitt)
Malinda Jane (Birch)Douthitt
  • Born: 1839, Hardin Co., KY
  • Married 27 Sep 1856, Hardin County, KY, to Evander McIver Douthitt
  • Died: aft: 1900
  • Reference: see notes and notes for Evander Douthitt

    Notes for Malinda Jane Douthit:

    Found a marriage record
    Evander Douthit married Malinda J. Burch Sept. 27, 1856, Hardin, Ky.

    Information from Loreane (Mattingly) Bales (9/2003 and 12/17/2003) is that Ark and Jane are burried in the Poole Cemetery, just up the road from the old farm in Breckinridge County. There are no headstones marking the gravesite of Evander or Malinda Jane, or at least headstones with any markings that are distinguishable. The majority of graves in this cemetery are marked with field stones. Loreane's grandma Mattingly would take her to the cemetery each year, clear out the gravesites for Ark and Malinda Jane. Lorene said that her and her gandma Mattingly would go to the center of the Poole cemetery and clear away the brush so they could leave flowers on each family grave. This is as close to identifying the location of Ark and Malinda Janes graves as I have been able to get. During the warm season, they would have to be very careful as the snakes were really bad, making it a dangerous place to walk around. Lorene stated that her Grandma Mattingly new Ark very well and talked about him..... said that Ark was a short man, dark complected and had scarrs all over his arms and face. Ark would tend to his crops of Tobacco and Apples. One of the apple crops were called Horse Apples and were green with pink stripes, these apples were sour and were used to make applesauce after adding a lot of sugar. Sweet Apples were also harvested.

    November 30th, 2003
    Joe and Jimmy Ann Robinson visited the Poole cemetery. It was found to be cleared of all brush and debris. It was vary apparent that the cemetery had been cleaned up. There were many rocks indicating graves, and only a few headstones. Several of the rocks had carvings indicating names, initials and dates.....but most were not legible.

    1900 Breckinridge County, KY Census
    McDaniels Precinct, ED 12 Dwelling # 281
    Microfilm-Series: T623 Roll: 510 Page: 346 (listed as: Malissa J Dauthit)
    Malinda Douthit widow (Children Born / Living 8-6) KY VA NC
    Tennie 27 KY MO KY Jan 1873
    Drury 24 KY MO KY
    William 21 KY MO KY 1878
    Louise 18 KY MO KY July 1881
    Shellie (Grandaughter) 1891 8 KY KY KY
    Grant Dennis (boarder) 4-1875 25

    note - in the 1900 census Malinda lists that has been the mother of 8 children, but only 6 are living at the time of this census. Based on other census and other records, the names of 6 children have been identified.

    The census spelled the name Dowfet. On the index Evander is listed as Abe,
    but on looking at the Census it looks more like Ark.
    I am sending an attachment with a blow up of the names, I hope you can
    read it.
    The information is:
    1880 Census Meeting Creek, Hardin Co. Ky ED 69 page 383D
    Microfilm-Series: T9 Roll: 417 Page: 383
    Dowfet Abe 50 farmer b Ky fbVa mbVa
    Jane wife 40 b Ky fb Nc mbSC
    Eire L dau 14 b Ky
    Hardin son 13 b Ky
    Tennee dau 11 b Ky
    Drury son 8 bKy
    Wm son 6 b Ky
    no name dau 1 b Ky (unknown child)

    1850 Census Hardin Co. Ky Southern Dist 2 page 433

    Drury Burch age 40 Farmer
    Ann Burch age 33
    William Burch age 14
    Mary J. Burch age 12 (This is Mary A. Birch)
    Hardin Burch Age 10
    Sarah Burch Age 8
    David Burch Age 6
    Ambrose Burch 6/12

    1860 Federal Census, Hardin County, Howe Valley P O
    Series: M653 Roll: 371 Page: 298 (Jane listed as age 20)
    Birch Drury 54 farmer
    Nancy 43
    William 23
    Jane 20
    Mary A 15 or Marge
    Hardin 18
    David 10
    Ambrose 8 male
    Francis 6 female
    Caroline 1

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