Evander McIver Douthitt

f a m i l y
Children with:
Malinda Jane (Birch)Douthitt

William Ambrose Douthitt
Drury Douthitt
Louisa Ann (Douthitt) Harris
Tennessee (Douthitt) Pool
Hardin Douthitt
Eviline (Douthitt)
Evander McIver Douthitt
  • Born: 1830, NC
  • Married 27 Sep 1856, Hardin County, KY, to Malinda Jane (Birch)Douthitt
  • Died: bef: 1900, KY
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    Nickname: "ARK"
    Ark is said to have played the Fiddle, according to Lorene Mattingly's Grandma Mattingly.
    marriage record:
    Evander Douthit married Malinda J. Burch Sept. 27, 1856, Hardin, Ky.
    LDS Marriage Record information:
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    North America
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    Male Family
    Spouse: MALINDA J. BURCH Family
    Marriage: 27 SEP 1856 , Hardin, Kentucky
    Extracted marriage record for locality listed in the record. The source records are usually arranged chronologically by the marriage date.
    Source Information:
    Batch No.: Dates: Source Call No.: Type: Printout Call No.: Type:
    M517441 1852 - 1860 0216826 IT 2 Film NONE
    (2005) Went to the local (Olathe, KS) LDS Genealogy Library. Viewed the microfilm of the marriage record from HARDIN county, Kentucky.
    Date: Groom Age Residence Bride Age Residence
    Sept 27, 1856 Evander Douthit 25 Hardin Co. Malinda J Burch 17 Hardin Co.
    Both stated they were single at the time of marriage.
    Copy placed in file.
    It is noted that Evander McIver "Ark" Douthitt died before the 1900 Federal Census was taken as Malinda Douthitt is listed as a widow.

    Information from Loreane (Mattingly) Bales (9/2003 and 12/17/2003) is that Ark and Jane are burried in the Poole Cemetery, just up the road from the old farm in Breckinridge County. There are no headstones marking the gravesite of Evander or Malinda Jane that are identifiable, most of the graves in this cemetery are marked with field stones. Loreane's grandma Mattingly would take her to the cemetery each year, clear out the gravesites for Ark and Malinda Jane. Lorene said that her and her gandma Mattingly would go to the center of the Poole cemetery and clear away the brush so they could leave flowers on each family grave. This is as close to identifying the location of Ark and Malinda Janes graves as I have been able to get. During the warm season, they would have to be very careful as the snakes were really bad, making it a dangerous place to walk around. Lorene stated that her Grandma Mattingly new Ark very well and talked about him..... said that Ark was a short man, dark complected and had scarrs all over his arms and face. Ark would tend to his crops of Tobacco and Apples. One of the apple crops were called Horse Apples and were green with pink stripes, these apples were sour and were used to make applesauce after adding a lot of sugar. Sweet Apples were also harvested.

    November 30th, 2003
    Joe and Jimmy Ann Robinson visited the Poole cemetery. It was found to be cleared of all brush and debris. It was vary apparent that the cemetery had been cleaned up. There were many rocks indicating graves, and only a few headstones. Several of the rocks had carvings indicating names, initials and dates.....but most were not legible.

    along with a 1850 Census record for
    Hardin Co. Ky that lists :

    Checked the 1850 census for Hardin Co. KY. Found a Drury Burch with a
    daughter Jane of the right age to be the Malinda J. that married Evander.
    Couple this with the fact that she and Evander named one of their sons
    Drury and I believe we have a good case for having found her Father.

    I read the Mo. 1850 census and found where Evander was living with Jesse
    Adams and his wife Elizabeth. And they were living adjacent to her Dad
    Abram. Still cannot prove who the parents of Evander were.

    Note: In the 1850 Newton County MO Census, Evander (Douphet) is listed 20 years old and Born in NC.

    Betty Long has a bible that was given to Mary Emma Douthitt by the funeral home at Buck Douthitts funeral. The names written in the front of the bible were given to Betty Long, and she wrote them in it.... Henry is written on the line for Bucks fathers name, which is incorrect.
    Henry Douthit (this name is in error and has no known connection to the family)
    Christine Smothers
    Jane Burch
    Ethel Harris
    There are many things that I have learned, Neither of my great grandparents ever learned to read or write and in regards to the names above:

    Christine Smothers (is my GGGGrandmother and the mother of Jane Burch ( my GGGrandmother))
    Jane Burch (is my GGGrandmother) and was married to Evander "ARK" Douthit
    Ethel Harris (is my GGrandmother) and was married to William A. Douthitt

    From: Coreenohio
    Finally, I think I have found your Douthitt family in the 1880 Census.
    The census spelled the name Dowfet. On the index Evander is listed as Abe,
    but on looking at the Census it looks more like Ark.
    I am sending an attachment with a blow up of the names, I hope you can
    read it.
    The information is:
    1880 Census Meeting Creek, Hardin Co. Ky ED 69 page 383D
    Microfilm-Series: T9 Roll: 417 Page: 383
    Dowfet Abe 50 farmer b Ky fbVa mbVa
    Jane wife 40 b Ky fb Nc mbSC
    Eire L dau 14 b Ky
    Hardin son 13 b Ky
    Tennee dau 11 b Ky
    Drury son 8 bKy
    Wm son 6 b Ky
    no name dau 1 b Ky

    Below is one of the Nathan Jarvis letters I found on the internet, which mentions Evander Meiver (should be McIver)Douthit.
    Clemmonsville, Davidson County, N. C. June the lst, 1856
    Mr. Henry Douthit Esqr.

    Dear Sir,
    I received your letter of the 12th of April yesterday evening. It give me
    much pleaseure to hear from you after waiting five months for an answer to
    my letter written on Christmas Day. We had the coldest winter that has been
    experienced in fifty years. It snowed sixteen inches deep on the 5th of
    January, on the 10th the mercury was down to 6 degrees below zero, on the
    12th it snowed 6 inches more, on the 20th it snowed 1 inches more, on the
    26th it snowed 6 inches more, on the 3rd of February it snowed 2 inches and
    on the 4th the mercury was 12 degrees below zero, the coldes weather I ever
    knew in this latitude. It snowed five times in March, on the last day of
    March it snowed from early in the morning til noon. William and Thomas
    Woosley were well two weeks ago and also their families, why they have not
    wrote to you I do not know. I will show them your letter the first
    opportunity. Alexander Haly and family are well, they make out to live and
    that is about all. I have no doubt but they would live better if they were
    in Missouri and I have no doubt but that most of their neighbors would be
    glad if they were there. Christina Shut married Jonathan Jarvis, a son of
    Burton Jarvis. She died when she had her first child about a month ago.
    Jarvis was a widower and had several children by his first wife. Theofelus
    Shut married Robert Berimans' daughter and she died when she had her first
    child. He is working about and living from hand to mouth. Jacob Faws (?)
    family are well and doing finely. Rebecca was married to Wesley Johnson last
    fall, they have both joined the Dunkerd Church and are living on the old
    Martin Place. Your old place belongs to Nelson's heirs, Charles Brindle has
    married Amandy Mulican and is living on it. Mulican has sold the old
    Thompson place to Charles Brindle and the old lady has sold him her dour. He
    is going to build near the old house, use that for a kitchen, move in to it
    and live on rabbits, strawberries and casafras tea. Aunt Betty Thompson
    Jiles and Suse and her two children are living with Burrel Brown and he is
    staying in the little house that Daniel Long built near Mocks Sawmill. I
    believe they make out to live or at least they were all alive when I saw
    them last. Old Aunt Saphian Cooper is living at her old home and is
    supported by her neighbors. Junior Alberty is married to old Hank Wears
    daughter and neither of them are worth a chew of tobacco. He lives where
    Alford Mathealy lived when you left here, if you ever see him coming out
    there, you will see somebody dragging him by the heels for he is certainly
    too lazy to get there any other way. I now come to ourselves, we are all
    well and getting along tolerable well, Lewis is building a new house or
    rather adding to the old one, it will be the same width of the old one, 42
    feet, two stories high with an addition on the backside, 12 feet wide and a
    portico in front, all to be painted. It will cost him about six hundred
    dollars. Pappa, Susan and Polly are here in the old homestead, he owns all
    of Edwins land or the land that he formerly owned on this side of the creek
    and farms to himself. I own all the old home place and a portion of Edwins
    woodland tract or about ten or twelve acres of it. Pappa wants to know
    whether old Jacob Douthit is living yet and if he is, how he is coming on
    and where he is living. We want to know how Evander McIver Douthit is doing,
    if living and where he is. I want to know where to direct a letter to
    Nathan. I have written two letters to him, two or three times since
    Christmas and have had no answer to either of them. I will reserve something
    for another letter and will close by requesting you to write upon the
    receipt of without a moments delay.

    Very respectfully,

    Jacob Hanes

    To Henry Douthit, Seneca, Missouri
    From Jacob Hanes, Forsyth Co., N.C.

    *********************** Notes from Joe Robinson (2004)**********************
    Trying to unravel the puzzel of Evander McIver Douthitt's parents requires further understanding on the Douthit and other families in North Carolina in 1830.
    First I needed to find out what kind of relationship there could have been between Jacob Hanes, Lewis Hanes and Evander McIver Douthitt. It is important to identify the age of each person at the time the letter was written. After researching the Hanes family the following information was obtained:

    Col. Lewis Clark Hanes (1826-1882) born in North Carolina
    Pvt. Jacob Hanes (1828-1863) (died in Civil War)born in North Carolina
    Evander McIver Douthitt (1830- aft 1880) born in North Carolina

    Taking information gathered thru my research, in 1850, Evander is living in the house of Jesse Adams and his wife Elizabeth Douthit, daughter of Abraham Douthit Jr. in Newton County, Missouri. Abraham left N.C. in the early 1830's and travelled thru Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas and finally settled in Newton County, Missouri. Many Question arise from Evander living in the House of Jesse Adams and Elizabeth Douthit.

    1. Was Evander... Elizabeth's brother, making Evander a son of Abraham Jr. ?
    2. Was Evander a cousin of Elizabeth's? And if so, who is his father?

    Now lets look back at the Letter to Henry Douthit from Jacob Hanes. In the letter Jacob asks Henry, "We want to know how Evander Meiver Douthit is doing,
    if living and where he is."

    When Evander Douthitt was born, Jacob Hanes would have been 2 years old. If Evander travelled with Abraham Douthit Jr. on the wagon train to Missouri, which left N.C. around 1832, (Jacob Hanes would be 4 years old, Evander would be 2 years old)
    1. Would Jacob really remember Evander enough to ask about him in the letter?
    2. Is it more feasible that Evander is the son of one of the other Douthit's that stayed in N.C. and later (before 1850), Evander travelled to Missouri to be with his uncles and cousins in the new territory?
    3. Did Evander grow up with Jacob and Lewis Hanes in North Carolina and then move out to Missouri to be with uncles and cousins?

    Here is a quick look at the Douthit families listed in the census at that time in North Carolina:

    Rebecca Douthit, Nancy Douthit, Abraham Douthit Jr., David Douthit, Stephen Douthit
    Evander McIver (occupation - doctor)

    David Douthit, Kezia Douthit, Rebecca Douthit, Henry Douthit, George Douthit, Benton Douthit and Evander McIver (Occupation - doctor)

    I believe it is clear that Evander McIver Douthit was named after the town doctor, but we will not know if there is any particular reason. It would be good to research Dr. McIver to see if he left behind any journals or diaries.

    I am hopeful that further investigation will lead to the information of Evanders parents, but until that time..... It is still a puzzle that requires many more pieces to solve it.

    this is an email from another researcher trying to help me.... I found it interesting in thought... since Evander would have been born (circa) 1830...

    I don't know if this info will solve things or create more questions.
    You didn't let us know anything on Evander's birth/age, so I'm not sure
    where he would fit here.

    First, I could find no Evander Douthit...... However, see below, please .
    Your Douthits seem to be particularly poorly indexed for some reason.
    "None in 1830, none in 1840, a few in 1850"..... Baloney . So I used the
    old neighbor trick, and then browsed some surrounding pages, and there they
    all were. Summary below. I would be glad to fully transcribe the info for
    you if you have not already received it.

    There was no Evander Douthit, but in all three census years, associated
    closely with the Douthit cluster, there was an Evander McIver, 55 in 1850, a
    physician. I suspect that somewhere along the way, someone misread the c in
    Mc as an e, and your "Meiver" was actually McIver. If your Evander was of
    the same generation as these folks, your Evander might actually *be* Evander
    McIver, related but not actually a Douthit. If your guy was of a younger
    generation, he might have been named after the local doctor .

    Summary of Douthits:

    1830 Heads of Household
    Rebecca, Nancy, Abraham, David, Stephen Douthit
    Evander McIver (occupation - doctor)

    1840 Heads of Household
    David, Kezia, Rebecca, Henry, George, Benton Douthit
    Evander McIver (Occupation - doctor)

    Rebecca, 68, with Phebe, 46
    Henry, 43, wife Clarissa and kids
    Benton, 39, wife Paulina and kids
    John M, 19, laborer with Jeremiah Eckels and family
    Eleanor, 9, living with Isaac Brown?
    George, 38, wife Nancy and kids
    Evander McIver , 55, wife Eliza, children Emma, James, Henry (Occupation - doctor)

    Issues to consider:
    Did any of these situations or conditions become a determining factor for Evander to leave Missouri and go to Kentucky.

    1849 The second, and most serious, cholera epidemic struck St. Louis; over 4000 people died

    1851 Cholera epedemeic in Missouri

    1854 President Franklin Pierce signed the Kansas-Nebraska Act, allowing the notion of "popular sovereignty" in determining if a territory would be a slave state or a free state. This act set the stage for the violent Kansas-Missouri border wars where the Missouri "Border Ruffians" and the Kansas "Jayhawkers" transformed a frontier quarrel over slavery’s borders into a national issue (May 30)

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