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Vonnie (Douthitt) Kiper

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John Elmer Douthitt
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Preston T. Douthitt
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Inez "Ida" Mae (Douthitt) Hockersmith
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Vonnie (Douthitt) Kiper
  • Born: 14 Oct 1910, Grayson Co., KY
  • Married to Virble F. Kiper
  • Died: 31 May 1967, Grayson Co., KY
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    Died at age 56, Kentucky Death Records, Volume 027, Certificate 13257, Death Volume 1967
    VONNIE R. DOUTHITT, b. October 14, 1910, Kentucky, Grayson County; d. May 30, 1967, Kentucky, Grayson County.
    Burial: McDuff Cemetary, Grayson Co., KY

    1930 Federal Census
    Grayson County, KY, MD6 ED 6
    Microfilm-Series: T626 Roll: 747 Page: 156
    Dwelling # 46
    Kiper Verbel Head age 22
    Vonie D Wife 19
    Loyd Son 2 11/12 (2 years 11 months)
    Everet Son 11/12 (11 months old)

    1920 Federal Census of Breckinridge Co. Ky. McDaniels 6 District.
    Microfilm-Series: T625 Roll: 561 Page: 176
    William Douthitt Age-45 Farmer Born Ky. Father born Mo. Mother born Ky.
    Ethel Douthitt Age 36 Born Ky. Father and Mother born Ky.
    Elmer Douthitt Age 17-Son Born Ky.
    Willie Douthitt Age 15-Son Born KY.
    Temple Douthitt Age 13-Daughter Born Ky. (Nanny Temple)
    May Douthitt Age 11-Daughter Born Ky.
    Vonnie Douthitt Age 9-Daughter Born Ky.
    Preston Douthitt Age 6-Son Born Ky.
    Cheston-Cleseaton Age 9/12 Born Ky.

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