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Ethel Green (Harris) Douthitt

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Children with:
William Ambrose Douthitt

William Todd Harris
Oscar E. Harris
Susan E. Harris

John Elmer Douthitt
Celestion "Buck" Douthitt
Preston T. Douthitt
Willie C Douthitt
Vonnie (Douthitt) Kiper
Inez "Ida" Mae (Douthitt) Hockersmith
Nannie Temple (Douthitt) Mattingly
Ethel Green (Harris) Douthitt
  • Born: 27 Jul 1883, Kentucky
  • Married 14 Oct 1902, Grayson County, KY, to William Ambrose Douthitt
  • Died: 31 May 1968, Grayson Co., KY
  • Reference: See notes and notes for William A. Douthitt
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    Notes for ETHEL G. HARRIS:

    Burial: Eveleigh Cemetery, Grayson Co., KY

    Ethel was bed ridden for the last 17 years of her life. Info says she had Epilepsy and other medical issues.

    Ethel played the Accordian......and was very good as family tells. She would sit on the porch and play gospel songs.

    Grayson County Kentucky marriages, October 14, 1902, Ethel Harris, age 19, daughter of John W. Harris and Christine Smothers.
    Grayson Co. Cemetery Book Vol 1
    page 66 Eveleigh Church Cemetery Brandenburg Road North
    Douthitt Ethel 7-27-1883 5-31-1968 dau of John W & Chrystine (Smothers) Harris
    wife of William Douthitt

    1930 Federal Census
    Breckinridge County, KY, MD6 ED 14 - 18
    Microfilm-Series: T626 Roll: 735 Page: 273
    Dwelling # 147
    Douthitt William A Head age 53 age 1st marriage 25
    Ethel Wife 45 18
    Preston Son 16
    Celestion Son 15
    Elmer Son 27 22
    Katie Daughter-in-law 22 17
    Hayward Grandson 4 9/12 (4 years 9 months)

    1920 Federal Census of Breckinridge Co. Ky. McDaniels 6 District.
    Microfilm-Series: T625 Roll: 561 Page: 176
    William Douthitt Age-45 Farmer Born Ky. Father born Mo. Mother born Ky.
    Ethel Douthitt Age 36 Born Ky. Father and Mother born Ky.
    Elmer Douthitt Age 17-Son Born Ky.
    Willie Douthitt Age 15-Son Born KY.
    Temple Douthitt Age 13-Daughter Born Ky. (Nanny Temple)
    May Douthitt Age 11-Daughter Born Ky.
    Vonnie Douthitt Age 9-Daughter Born Ky.
    Preston Douthitt Age 6-Son Born Ky.
    Cheston-Cleseaton Age 9/12 Born Ky.

    According to the census neither William or Ethel could read or write.
    Don't let the 9/12 throw you. That means he was 9 of twelve months old.

    1910 Breckenridge Co Ky ED 14 visit 283
    Microfilm-Series: T624 Roll: 467 Page: 207
    Douthit William age 33 b Ky father b ?Missouri mother b Ky
    Ethel H wife 23
    Elmer son 5
    Willie son 4
    Temple dau 2
    May dau 2/12

    1900 Federal Census, Grayson Co., KY, W Leitchfield PCT
    Microfilm-Series: T623 Roll: 523 Page: 44
    Harris John W Head age 58 Oct 1841 age 1st marriage 28
    Christina Wife 45 Apr 1855 28
    Childen born 5 living 5
    Susan E Dau 27 May 1879
    Ethel G Dau 16 Jul 1883
    Oscar E Son 13 Oct 1886
    Smothers Jessie W Nephew 7 Jul 1892

    Information from Ann (Douthitt) Robinson:
    My mother Ann told me about visiting Ethel's house. She told me of the white sheets on the beds in Ethel's house. Mom said that if you sat down on the bed, Ethel would give you a stern talking to. Ethel believed that beds are for sleeping and not to be sat on.
    Mom also told of Ethel's beliefs. Girls were suppose to wear dresses not pants and they were suppose to let their hair grow long and not cut it.

    Story from Betty Ray (Douthitt) Long:
    This was in the late 50's, mom and i had went for a visit, actually i am not sure but i think mom had already left daddy, anyway, when we got there it was gettin really late and mom was tired and didn't really feel like driving back home. Grandma said we could spend the night and sleep in the old bedroon she said it hardly gotten used anymore and by this time some of the house had started to fall from storms and such through the years on the back side of the house, anyway she said the bed was all made up with a feather ticken on it. We went and opened the door to look in and there in the middle of the bed was a big old rattlesnake ...................... Mom wasted no time loading me in the car and her eyes were wide awake by then, of course she told them in a nice way that we would be going home and when we went to the car she told uncle willie and he Shot it, but mom still wasn't stayin. The old lady couldn't help It she hadn't been able to get up and walk around for about 15 years or more.

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