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Evander McIver DouthittMalinda Jane (Birch)Douthitt

William Ambrose Douthitt

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Children with:
Ethel Green (Harris) Douthitt

Drury Douthitt
Louisa Ann (Douthitt) Harris
Tennessee (Douthitt) Pool
Hardin Douthitt
Eviline (Douthitt)

John Elmer Douthitt
Celestion "Buck" Douthitt
Preston T. Douthitt
Willie C Douthitt
Vonnie (Douthitt) Kiper
Inez "Ida" Mae (Douthitt) Hockersmith
Nannie Temple (Douthitt) Mattingly
William Ambrose Douthitt
  • Born: May 1872, Hardin Co., KY
  • Married 14 Oct 1902, Grayson County, KY, to Ethel Green (Harris) Douthitt
  • Died: 24 Jan 1941, Breckinridge Co, KY
  • Occupation: Farmer
  • Reference: KY Death Certificate, 1910-1920 KY Census, see notes:
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    Nickname: "BILL"
    Notes for WILLIAM A. DOUTHITT:
    He married ETHEL G. HARRIS October 14, 1902 in Kentucky, Grayson County, daughter of JOHN HARRIS and CHRISTINE SMOTHERS. She was born July 27, 1883 in Kentucky, Grayson County, and died May 31, 1968 in Kentucky, Grayson County.

    Grayson County Kentucky marriages, October 14, 1902, William Douthitt, age 23, son of Evander Douthitt and Jane Birch.

    Died at age 68, Kentucky Death Records, Volume 001, Certificate 00345, Death Volume 1941 (Verified...copy of Death Certificate obtained and on file....EJR)
    Burial: Eveleigh cemetary, Grayson County, KY

    Obit: Wednesday, Febuary 5th, 1941 - The Breckinridge News, Cloveport, KY
    William Douthitt
    Fisher. Jan.---Wm. Douthitt at the age of 61 years, died at his home, Friday, Jan 24, 1941. Mr. Douthitt had been in bad health for several years, though his death was unexpected. He was stricken suddenly with paralysis and only lived a few hours. He is survivied by his widow, Mrs. Ethel Harris Douthitt and three daughters, Mrs. Calvin Hockersmith of Harrisburg, KY., Mrs. Verble Kiper of Duff, and Mrs. Elza Mattingly of Eveleigh; four sons, Elmer, Willie, and Celestine of Fisher, and Preston of Louisville, KY. The funeral was conducted on Sunday afternoon at Edgar's Presbyterian Church, Rev. Craddock, Officiating. Burial was in the Edgar Cemetery in Grayson County.
    (Joe's Note: Edgar Cemetery is now the Eveliegh Cemetery)

    According to Family, Bill played the FIDDLE. He would go to dances within the community and play the fiddle while others danced.

    1930 Federal Census
    Breckinridge County, KY, MD6 ED 14 - 18
    Microfilm-Series: T626 Roll: 735 Page: 273
    Dwelling # 147
    Douthitt William A Head age 53 age 1st marriage 25
    Ethel Wife 45 18
    Preston Son 16
    Celestion Son 12
    Elmer Son 27 22
    Katie Daughter-in-law 22 17
    Hayward Grandson 4 9/12 (4 years 9 months)

    1920 Federal Census of Breckinridge Co. Ky. McDaniels 6 District.
    Microfilm-Series: T625 Roll: 561 Page: 176
    William Douthitt Age-45 Farmer Born Ky. Father born Mo. Mother born Ky.
    Ethel Douthitt Age 36 Born Ky. Father and Mother born Ky.
    Elmer Douthitt Age 17-Son Born Ky.
    Willie Douthitt Age 15-Son Born KY.
    Temple Douthitt Age 13-Daughter Born Ky. (Nanny Temple)
    May Douthitt Age 11-Daughter Born Ky.
    Vonnie Douthitt Age 9-Daughter Born Ky.
    Preston Douthitt Age 6-Son Born Ky.
    Cheston-Cleseaton Age 9/12 Born Ky.

    According to the census neither William or Ethel could read or write.
    Don't let the 9/12 throw you. That means he was 9 of twelve months old.

    1910 Breckenridge Co Ky ED 14 visit 283
    Microfilm-Series: T624 Roll: 467 Page: 207
    Douthit William age 33 b Ky father b ?Missouri mother b Ky
    Ethel H wife 23
    Elmer son 5
    Willie son 4
    Temple dau 2
    May dau 2/12

    1900 Breckinridge County, KY Census
    McDaniels Precinct, ED 12 Dwelling # 281
    Microfilm-Series: T623 Roll: 510 Page: 346 (listed as: Malissa J Dauthit)
    Malinda Douthit widow (Children Born / Living 8-6) KY VA NC
    Tennie 27 KY MO KY Jan 1873
    Drury 24 KY MO KY
    William 21 KY MO KY 1878
    Louise 18 KY MO KY July 1881
    Shellie (Grandaughter) 1891 8 KY KY KY
    Grant Dennis (boarder) 4-1875 25

    1880 Census Meeting Creek, Hardin Co. Ky ED 69 page 383D
    Microfilm-Series: T9 Roll: 417 Page: 383
    Dowfet Abe 50 farmer b Ky fbVa mbVa
    Jane wife 40 b Ky fb Nc mbSC
    Eire L dau 14 b Ky
    Hardin son 13 b Ky
    Tennee dau 11 b Ky
    Drury son 8 bKy
    Wm son 6 b Ky
    no name dau 1 b Ky

    Deed of Property: (transcribed by Joe Robinson 2004)
    This DEED, between Wm T. Harris and Cristiney Harris, his wife, of the county of Grayson and the State of Kentucky, of the first part, and Wm. A. Dowith of the County of Breckinridge and State of Ky, of the second part, WITNESSETH; that the said party of the first part, in consideration of the sum of Four Hundred dollars ($400.00) cash paid in hand the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, do hereby sell, grant and convey to the party of the second part, his heirs and assigns, the following described property, Viz;

    His one half undivided interest in the Samuel P. Pool land which was sold by said Pool and wife to John W. Harris and said party of the first part in this deed, and is bounded as follows; A certain tract of land situated in Breckinridge County Ky, on the waters of Rough River and beginning at a sycamore on the West bank of said river at the lower end of J.M.P Pool's bottom field, thence N.5 54' W. 24-15/100 chains to a beach on top of the bank of said river, thence with the meanders of said river a low water mark to the beginning which may be reached by running from the said beach up the fiver on top of the bank as follows; S. 50-1/4 E. 10-10/100 chains S. 44 E. 4 chains S. 57-1/2 E. 18-65/100 chains S. 73 E. 8-75/100 chains N. 85 E. 3-40/100 chains N. 75 E. 10-14/ 100 chains N. 37 E. 3-70/100 chains N. 15 W. 5-64/100 chains N 63 W. 5-70/100 chains N. 75 W. 4 chains N. 83 W. 10-30/100 chains N. 75 W. 4-75/100 chains N. 61 W. 6-20/100 chains N. 39 W. 3-30/100 chains N. 15 W. 3-08/100 chains N. 23 E. 1-59/100 chains to the beginning, containing as surveyed 67 1/7 acres but to the low water mark as intended herein to be conveyed about 75 acres to be the same more or less. It is understood in this conveyance that Wm.A.Dowith is to have the West end of said tract of land and John W. Harris is to have the East end and the division line is to begin at an elm & stone on the South side of this tract of land on the bank or Rough River, thence running N.E.a straight ---- to a hickory with to ash marked as pointers and it is also understood in this conveyance that John W. Harris is to have a right of way over Wm.A.Dowith's said half of said land by gate ways, this land was conveyed to John W. Harris and Wm. T. Harris by Samuel P. Pool and Kittie A. Pool, his wife, the 7th, day of March 1902, recorded in Deed Book No. 58 page 22, Breckinridge Co, Clerk's Office.
    To have and to hold the same, with all the appurtenances thereon, to the second party his heirs and assigns forever, with covenant of "General Warranty".
    IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, witness our signatures, this 15th, day of June 1907.
    ATTEST, Wm.T. x Harris
    J.H. Hart. mark
    Cristiny Harris

    State of Kentucky. )))
    County of Breckinridge. ))) Sct.,
    I, W.F.Hook, Clerk of the County Court, of the County aforesaid, do certify that on this day the foregoing deed was produced to me in the County aforesaid and acknowledged and delivered by Wm.T.Harris and Cristiny Harris, his wife, on Grayson co, Ky., to be their act and deed.
    Witness my hand, this 15th, day of June 1907.
    W. F. Hook, Clerk.
    By, J.H. Hart, D.C.

    State of Kentucky. )))
    County of Breckinridge. ))) Sct.,
    I, W.F.Hook, Clerk of the County Court, for the County and State aforesaid, certify that the foregoing deed was this day lodged for record, whereupon the same, with the foregoing and this certificate have been duly recorded in my office.
    Given under my hand, this 23rd day of January 1908.
    W. F. Hook, Clerk.

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