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Celestion "Buck" Douthitt
  • Born: 5 Apr 1919, Breckinridge Co.,Kentucky
  • Married to Nadine (Windham) Douthitt
  • Divorced from Mary Emma (Probus) Douthitt
  • Married to Irene (Mattingly) Douthitt
  • Died: 11 May 1982, Edmonson Co., KY
  • Occupation: Farmer
  • Reference: See notes
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    Notes for Buck:
    KDLA Birth: vol:032 cert:15924 year:1919 county: Breckinridge
    (last name listed as: Donthitt)
    KDLA Death: vol:023 Cert:11330 DeathYR: 1982 DeathCo: Jefferson ResCo: Edmondson Age:60
    (Name on Death Certificate listed as: Lester C. Douthitt, birth listed as 1920)
    Buck's place of residence at time of death listed as: Edmonson County. Info from family had residence as Bee Springs, KY.
    Social Security Death Records - CELESTINE DOUTHITT 05 Apr 1919 May 1982 42207 (Bee Spring, Edmonson, KY) (none specified) 400-22-9213

    Buck played the guitar. He auditioned for a chance to go to the Grand Ole Opry but did not win. Buck played at several of the Grayson County Fairs along with many members of his family.

    Info from Darrell Douthitt...
    Here is what I've learned so far:
    Lots of confusion on the name of your Grandfather. The writing on the 1920 federal census did not help. The Breckinridge Co. birth records spell it Celestion. The 1920 federal census spelling is Cheston or Cleseaton. To date the only reference to Lester C. is in the death notice from Jefferson Co. Ky.

    Birth Record; Celestion Douthitt born April 5, 1919 in Breckinridge Co. Ky. Mothers name- Ethel Green Harris.
    Birth is recorded on page 32, certificate # 15924.

    Death Notice; Lester C. Douthitt died 5-11-1982.
    Death was in Jefferson Co. Ky.

    1930 Federal Census
    Breckinridge County, KY, MD6 ED 14 - 18
    Microfilm-Series: T626 Roll: 735 Page: 273
    Dwelling # 147
    Douthitt William A Head age 53 age 1st marriage 25
    Ethel Wife 45 18
    Preston Son 16
    Celestion Son 12
    Elmer Son 27 22
    Katie Daughter-in-law 22 17
    Hayward Grandson 4 9/12 (4 years 9 months)

    1920 Federal Census of Breckinridge Co. Ky. McDaniels 6 District.
    Microfilm-Series: T625 Roll: 561 Page: 176
    William Douthitt Age-45 Farmer Born Ky. Father born Mo. Mother born Ky.
    Ethel Douthitt Age 36 Born Ky. Father and Mother born Ky.
    Elmer Douthitt Age 17-Son Born Ky.
    Willie Douthitt Age 15-Son Born KY.
    Temple Douthitt Age 13-Daughter Born Ky. (Nanny Temple)
    May Douthitt Age 11-Daughter Born Ky.
    Vonnie Douthitt Age 9-Daughter Born Ky.
    Preston Douthitt Age 6-Son Born Ky.
    Cheston-Cleseaton Age 9/12 Born Ky.
    According to the census neither William or Ethel could read or write.
    Don't let the 9/12 throw you. That means he was 9 of twelve months old.

    Cemetery Book Vol 3
    Mt. Hebron Cemetery on Ky Hwy 720 N. of Leitchfield page 163
    Douthitt Lester "Buck" 4-5-1920 5-11-1982 son of Wm & Ethel (Harris) Douthitt
    hus of Nadine Windham

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