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Hardin Douthitt
  • Born: abt 1861, KY
  • Married to Fannie (Cundiff) Douthitt
  • Died: Mar 1936
  • Reference: see notes

    Notes for Hardin:
    Died at age 75, Kentucky Death Records, Volume 066, Certificate 32689, Death Volume 1936
    DOUTHITT HARDIN 075 HARDIN 12-01-1936 066 32689 1936

    1880 Census Meeting Creek, Hardin Co. Ky ED 69 page 383D
    Microfilm-Series: T9 Roll: 417 Page: 383
    Dowfet Abe 50 farmer b Ky fbVa mbVa
    Jane wife 40 b Ky fb Nc mbSC
    Eire L dau 14 b Ky
    Hardin son 13 b Ky
    Tennee dau 11 b Ky
    Drury son 8 bKy
    Wm son 6 b Ky
    no name dau 1 b Ky

    1900 Federal Census
    Hardin County, KY MD 3 ED 45
    Microfilm- Series: T623 Roll: 524 Page: 100
    Dwelling # 154 (listed as Hardin Doughette)
    Doughette Hardin Head age 38 April 1862 #yrs Married 12
    Fannie Wife 23 July 1878 12 Child: 4 / 4 living
    Silas Son 11 Mar 1889
    Willam Son 9 Feb 1891
    Ida Dau 5 Jun 1894
    Alvie Son 3 Nov 1896

    1910 Federal Census
    Hardin County, KY, ED 53
    Microfilm-Series: T624 Roll: 478 Page: 15
    Dwelling # 100
    Douphett Hardin Head age 49 age at first marriage 21
    Fannie Wife 39 21 #children born 6
    # still living 6
    Silas Son 21
    William Son 19
    Ida Dau 15
    Alvie Son 13
    Clarence Son 8
    Birch Ambrose Uncle 58

    1920 Hardin Co Ky ED 59 pg 13B
    Microfilm-Series: T625 Roll: 573 Page: 126
    Dwelling # 288
    Douthett Hardin age 58 b Ky
    Fanny wife 51
    Alvie son 22
    Clarence son 18
    Ruby dau 14
    Ida dau 24 divorced (name should be Ida Mae)
    Best Bertie gran dau 7 (short for Alberta)
    Joseph gran son 5

    info on Ruby: DOUTHITT, Ruby b:04 November 1904 married SMALLWOOD, William David b: 04 November 1904 , married on 03 February 1922

    Hardin is listed in the will of Drury Birch as a grandson and the inheriter of all the personal property of Drury Birch. The will is dated 20 August 1900 and filed in Hardin County, KY.

    I, Drury Birch of the County of Hardin and State of Kentucky do make this my last will and testiment.
    I give and devise to my Grand son Hardin Douthitt all of my personal property including stock, farming
    implements, house hold goods, furniture provisions and all other personal property which I may be in
    posession of at the time of my decease. I desire that the said Douthitt and his family move into my
    house with me and take care of me during the remainder of my life for which with many kind acts
    already done by him for me I devise all that I give names property to the said Douthitt charging the
    said Douthitt with my just debts and funeral expenses.
    In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this the 2nd day of January 1897.
    Signed: Drury Birch "X" his mark
    Signed and acknowledged by Drury Birch in our Presence:
    John McDuffin
    Wm. H Green
    As a County Court begun and held for Hardin Co. Monday Aug 20, 1900, the foregoing instrument of writing
    purporting to be the last will and testiment of Drury Birch deceased was produced to court and proven
    in due form of law by the oath of W. H. Green one of the subscribing witnesses therto who also proved
    the xxxxxxxxx of John McDuffin the other subscribing witness thereto and as such the same was
    established and ordered to be recorded whereupon I have truly recorded the same together with this
    certificate in my office. This Aug. 21, 1900.
    F.G. Corley, Clerk.

    I have checked all of the Hardin Co. marriage records for a Lola (Douthett, Douthertt & Doughitt) but found none. I have seen this surname spelled all three ways. The only marriage that I can find is for Ida Doughitt who md. Elvy Best on 12-21-1911. Ida was born in 1894. I have not checked the census records as I don't have a copy of them here at home. This Elvy is an uncle of my cousins. The only birth record that I found on the state records is for a Bettie L. b. 10-4-1912 the mother was Ida Douthertt. My cousin says that Ida & Elvy's children were Alberta & Joseph. I didn't find a birth for any Joseph.

    This is the information that I have.

    Ida Mae Douthitt b. 6-21-1894 Hardin Co. (Vertress) d. 8-24-1967 md. Elvy Best b. 2-23-1890 Breckinridge Co. d.10-30-1957 Hardin Co.
    Ida was d/o Benjamin Hardin Douthett and Fanny Cundiff. I have that Benjamin & Fanny both died 12-1-1936 but I did not find them listed on the state records that I have on CD. Elvy Best was s/o John (N., M., R.???have seen all ways) and Margaret Day. I think that John's full name was Jonathan, a son of Jonathan, they are listed in the 1860 & 1870 census of Hardin Co. Don't know where they were before nor after but supposed to have been in Hardin Co. John d.1896 & Margaret 1899 . Their children: Minnie b. Sept.2, 1876, Denver b. 1-26-1883, John Gilbert b. Oct. 12, 1887, Elvy A. b. 1-23-1890 (don't know which birth date is right but this one was supposed to be in the Bible and I think the other one came from the tombstone), Shelby C. b. 7-3-1893 and Burton b. 6-13-1895.

    Elvy & Ida md. 1911 and had two children: Bettie according to birth record b. 10-4-1912. My cousin said that they always called her Bertie which could have been right for the old records are hard to read sometimes. Joann thought her name was Alberta. They had a son Joseph Hardin 6-12-1914. Elvy is buried at Howe Valley Methodist Church in Hardin Co. and Ida is buried in the Holbert Cemetery in Grayson Co. under her maiden name Douthitt. Elvy & Ida did divorce but I don't know when. I don't know anything about Bettie or Bertie.

    Joseph Hardin Best d. 1964 md. Hettie L. McCamish b. July 1, 1916. They md. Sept. 21, 1935 in Jeffersonville, IN
    I haven't checked for their children but have these from another researcher: Norman Lou Best b. 1936, Hardin Co.,KY md. Eva Gertrude Brown in 1959; Zelma Catherine Best b.1937 at Vertress, Hardin Co., KY md. William Ternee Benyon in 1954; and Robert Wayne Best b. 1938 at Cecilla, KY, Hardin Co., KY md. Helen Melvalene Cottnell in 1958.

    Elvy married a second time to a Lottie (I think that her last name was Young). Their children were: Charles, Lester, Pauline and Catherine.
    There was a house fire and Lottie, Pauline abt. 9, and Catherine 6 months and died due to the fire. Charles & Lester pulled them from the house. I think that Lottie and the baby was dead at the time and Pauline died a few minutes later from the smoke she had inhaled. This fire was Oct. 27, 1944 in Jefferson Co., KY.

    I talked with my cousin and she wasn't feeling well today and she doesn't have anything on paper other than what I have fixed up for her. She said that Charles still gets upset talking about the fire. I guess I better find out more about what you need before we try to contact him.

    I have a Cundiff line. I have Fanny in my file and had her mother but forgot her name but I can find it. I had a marriage for her. Fanny may have been born out of wedlock but I'm not sure for I haven't checked into that.

    Let me know if this helps any, how you connect and just what it is that you need.

    By the way Hardin Co. marriages can be found on line at www.hccoky.org . There are some that won't open as they are missing and naturally the one for Elvy won't open.

    The Breckinridge Co. Archives has all of the Hardin Co. books that have been published and they will do research for people. I think they charge $8.00 plus 25cent per copy. It is here in town but I don't get down there very often because of my poor health. I used to work there. I have very bad lungs.

    Will close for now.

    Do you mind telling me where you live? I live in Hardinsburg, KY a wide spot in the road.


    Hello Joe,

    This is the third time that I have tried to send this info. Hope it goes through this time. Once I left out the dot between your name and then they said that one of the companies had a timeout. Let me know if you get this one.

    I got a little information on Elvy and Ida Douthitt-Best children:

    Bertie Best md. Sherman H. Tuttle on april 5, 1945 in Hardin Co. He was s/o John & Maudie Tuttle. Bertie just died about two years ago. She and her husband had a farm machinery business in Grayson Co., KY. After they retired they lived on a farm near Hodgensville, KY. she was in a nursing home in Louisville for a few years. She was in the same home as my cousins brother and they didn't know it until just before Joanna's brother died. They did go in to see her. Joanna said that she was buried at Clarkson, KY. My grandparents lived at Clarkson for years and I don't remember ever seeing a cemetery there. There is a funeral home there but I have forgotten the name of it. You could probably write to them and get some information. I will try to find the name of the funeral home. It is a very small town and most of the funeral homes will cooperate with you. Bertie didn't have any children.

    Norman Lou best b. 4-14-1936 Hardin Co. I didn't find any children for him on my records. I didn't find the marriage for him & Eva Gertrude in Hardin Co. either. He died 10-22-1964 Hardin Co. Didn't find his or her name in the phone book.

    Zelma Catherine Best b/ 3-28-1937 Hardin Co. I couldn't find any children for her in the state records that I have. I found the address for a William Benyou - 1223 Morgan Ave- Louisville (502)363-6783. Joanna said that she was a beautician and lived on Dixie Hwy. but her shop is probably on Dixie Hwy. This is the only Benyon listed in the Louisville phone book.

    Robert (Bob) Wayne Best b. 5-14-1938 Hardin Co. I didn't find any children for him & Helen Melvalene nor a marriage in Hardin Co.


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