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2009-2010 CYO Girls 6th / 7th Grade Basketball


ST PAUL 6TH - 7TH Girls Basketball Team

for taking 3rd Place in the CYO Post season Tournament

We Called it THIRD TIME IS A CHARM. That is because we were set to play Lawrence - Chorpus Christi for the third time this season. The two previous meetings with this team, we did not do so well and lost both of those games. Well, each game in Post Season Play is a new time period for all of the players. Nothing that they did in the earlier games mattered. It was all about what you could do in this new game.
As the coach, I told the girls that we were playing in our house now, St Paul gymnasium, and that this was our 3rd time is a charm chance to let Chorpus Christi know that we can play basketball with the best teams in our tournament. I also told them that I knew in my heart that they could win the game if they just gave 100% out on the floor for 24 minutes. I could not be more proud of nine fine young ladies. They definately gave it everything they had and we received a few bumps and bruises along the way. But, the taste of victory was worth it for them and for the stress they put me under during the game. I love them all, they are true stars in their own right. I am blessed to have been allowed to coach them. Coach Joe
This page is kept for information purposes only for the St Paul CYO 6th and 7th grade girls basketball team.
The Official Johnson and Wyandotte County CYO website can be found by going HERE. You can find lots of general CYO information on this page as well as game schedules and addresses for all of the game locations with maps. You should become familiar with the CYO website.
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I have started a Photo Library online with some photos from our games. You can go look at the photos HERE.
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Post Season Stats

. NameFoulsAttempted ShotsBaskets MadeReboundsFreethrowsStealsGames Played
Maddie 41519033
Meghan 5612023
Alicia 522111053
Ashliegh 3937243
Lindsay 71915643
Niccole 4514033
Kristina 229411213
Kyra 627325583
Tori 420120383
. Week #FoulsAttempted ShotsBaskets MadeReboundsFreethrowsStealsGames Played
. Game1 Team Totals8553254171
. Game2 Team Totals12507332162
. Game3 Team Totals164615361293
. Combined Team Totals36151159418423

Goals and Practice

The number one goal of the CYO program is to provide a environment for the players to learn the basic fundementals of the game and build a sense of team play. My goal as coach is to provide the best opportunity for each player to capitalize on their strengths and to provide assistance and guidance in areas that they need to work on to make them a well rounded player.

Practice Schedule

DaysTime Notes/Changes
Tuesday5:30 to 7:30pm .
Thursday6:00 to 8:00pm .

Things to Learn

St SabastianPatron Saint of athletes because of his physical endurance and his energetic way of spreading and defending the Faith . When it was discovered that Sebastian was a Christian, he was ordered executed. He was shot with arrows and left for dead, but when the widow of St. Castulus went to recover his body, she found he was still alive and nursed him back to health. Soon after, Sebastian intercepted the Emperor, denounced him for his cruelty to Christians, and was beaten to death on the Emperor's orders. (information gathered from Catholic Online Feast Day is January 20th
Prayer of the way to PeaceFather of love, hear my prayer. Help me to know Your Will and to do it with courage and faith. Accept my offering of myself, all my thoughts, words, deeds, and sufferings. May my life be spent giving You glory. Give me the strength to follow Your call, so that Your Truth may live in my heart and bring peace to me and to those I meet, for I believe in Your Love..

Practice Goals This Week

Jab StepUse a short jab step, or drive step, with your non-pivot foot. Jab the foot forward quickly, hold for 1 second and judge the defender's reaction.
Triple Threat Position1. Catch the ball and get squared up to the basket so you can see the basket, the defender and any open teammates. 2. Have your hands positioned on the ball in the shooting position, so you are ready to shoot. 3. Keep your weight back on your pivot foot.
Cutting and FakingGood scorers never just stand around and watch. They are always trying to find ways to get open by coming off screens, or faking and cutting to open areas of the floor (within their shooting range). The keys are timing, cutting to open areas, setting good screens, and maintaining good spacing. In regard to cutting, there is a saying "get open, or get out!", which means that if you are not open, or don't receive the ball within a couple seconds, move out and maintain motion and spacing. Passing is easier if offensive players maintain a spacing of 12 to 15 feet apart. Don't get bunched up.

Regular Season Games (6 - 3A)

The Regular Season Schedule has been released by the CYO.
For reasons I do not know, our team has been moved to the Girls 6-3A division. I have called our Basketball director and asked him to ask why we have been moved to this division.
He will be letting me know after he talks to Dave Nick (CYO Director)
DateColored JerseyscoreWhite JerseyscoreLocation / Time
1/9/2010Holy Spirit A13St Paul 6-724at St Paul (at 12:40pm)
1/16/2010Law-St John A22St Paul 6-717at St Paul (at 12:40pm)
1/23/2010Nativity A29St Paul 6-725at Holy Cross (at 12:40pm)
1/30/2010John Paul A6St Paul 6-716at St Paul (at 10:20am)
2/7/2010Law-Chorpus Christi A23St Paul 6-713at Chorpus Christi (Law) (at 2:10pm)
2/13/2010St Paul 6-722Holy Trinity B20at Holy Trinity (at 11:30pm)
2/21/2010St Paul 6-7.Cure of Ars B.Cancelled due to severe weather, not resceduled.
You can download the full schedule in PDF format from my site here: G63A Schedule

Regular Season Stats

. NameFoulsAttempted ShotsBaskets MadeReboundsFreethrowsStealsGames Played
Maddie 725124265
Meghan 1014431105
Alicia 73468233
Ashliegh 4243101115
Lindsay 1530682125
Niccole 11512074
Kristina 3531253145
Kyra 5308466124
Tori 13441117194
. Week #FoulsAttempted ShotsBaskets MadeReboundsFreethrowsStealsGames Played
. WK1 Team Totals53412260121
. WK2 Team Totals13507323102
. WK3 Team Totals155012291103
. WK4 Team Totals9326324154
. WK5 Team Totals1345530395
. WK6 Team Totals204810242186
. WK7 Team Totals.......
. Combined Team Totals752595217313746

Pre-Season Games (7 - 3A Division)

12/5/2009St Paul19St Michael5at St Paul
12/12/2009St Paul19Ascension C21at St Joseph
12/19/2009St Paul10Our Lady of Unity31at Sacred Heart

Pre-Season Stats

Stats are only posted to help with player improvements and Team guidance
. NameFoulsAttempted ShotsBaskets MadeReboundsFreethrowsStealsGames Played
Maddie 1733012
Meghan 1723063
Alicia 51224133
Ashliegh 1417033
Lindsay 61445023
Niccole 2302053
Kristina 01738213
Kyra 01628043
Tori 41758193
. Week #FoulsAttempted ShotsBaskets MadeReboundsFreethrowsStealsGames Played
. WK1 Team Totals2349181131
. WK2 Team Totals11269171132
. WK3 Team Totals834417293
. Combined Team Totals219422524353


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